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NN1618 Nano Zirconium Boride Powder Maximize

NN1618 Nano Zirconium Boride Powder

Catalog No.NN1618
Specific surface area(m2/g)48.56
Crystal StructureHexagonal

According to user requirements of the nanoparticle, Stanford Advanced Materials can provide different size of Nano Zirconium Boride Powder.

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Introduction of Nano Zirconium Boride Powder:
Superfine zirconium diboride powder by variable current laser ion beam vapor deposition, high purity, small particle size, uniform distribution, large specific surface area, high surface activity, high temperature resistant, oxidation resistance, high hardness, two, ultrafine zirconium diboride ceramic powder is a kind of black powder, its chemical formula: ZrB2, molecular weight 112.84, the density of 4.52g/cm3, is a quasi-metallic structure of compounds six-party system, is a kind of advanced engineering materials, in various fields has been widely applied. High melting point (3040 C), high hardness, high stability and good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, oxidation resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance, so that by two zirconium diboride composite ceramic raw materials with excellent comprehensive properties. In addition, two zirconium boride neutron good control, can be used for the nuclear industry. The various excellent characteristics make it become high-performance refractories with the good prospect of development.

Applications of Nano Zirconium Boride Powder:
1.wear resistant coating; the crucible lining and corrosion-resistant chemical equipment; composite antioxidant; refractory materials, corrosion of molten metal occasions;
2. heatenhan cement additive; high-temperature resistance; high temperature resistant special coating to corrosion and oxidation;
3. It is mainly used for the production of composite ceramic materials can be used as a neutron absorber;

Storage conditions of Nano Zirconium Boride Powder:
This product should be stored in dry, cool and sealing of the environment, can not be exposed to air, in addition, should avoid the heavy pressure, according to ordinary goods transportation.

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