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MHC1785 Molybdenum Hafnium Carbon Alloy (MHC Alloy) Maximize

MHC1785 Molybdenum Hafnium Carbon Alloy (MHC Alloy)

Catalog No.MHC1785
ShapeSheet, plate, rod, bar or customized

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) can provide different shapes of MHC alloy with the custom proportion of Hf and Carbon. Standard forms include a bar, sheet, plate, disc, and special shapes are available on request.

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Description of MHC Alloy

Molybdenum has excellent creep resistance, low resistivity, high corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity, and low thermal expansion. Comparing to pure molybdenum, MHC has higher heat resistance, better creep resistance, and higher recrystallization temperature.



Specification of MHC Alloy

* Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of MHC alloy is given in the following table.


Content (%)

Molybdenum, Mo


Hafnium, Hf


Carbon, C


Iron, Fe


Nickel, Ni


Silicon, Si


* Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties of MHC alloy are tabulated below.




Tensile strength(mid-radius)

≥689 MPa

≥100 ksi

Yield strength(mid-radius)

≥586 MPa

≥85 ksi

Elongation at Break (mid-radius)



Hardness, Vickers




Application of MHC Alloy 

• High temperature forging die
• Rocket booster
• Vacuum furnace
• X-ray rotating anode target


Packaging of MHC Alloy

Our MHC alloys are wrapped in foam and packaged in plywood cases to ensure safe storage and transportation.

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