NR1906 Copper Nitride (Cu3N) Powder (CAS No. 1308-80-1)

Catalog No. NR1906
Purity 99.9 %
Appearance Black powder
Molecular Weight 204.64

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a trusted supplier of metallic nitride with high purity and competitive price.

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Description of Copper Nitride Powder

Copper nitride is a covalently bonded metal nitride. Due to its structural characteristics, CuN can be applied to the field of optical information storage and high-speed integrated circuits. CuN is a non-toxic and stable raw material that can replace toxic materials based on tellurium elements as optical recording materials. In HCl, CuN is more easily etched than Cu. Therefore, when a metal wire of Cu is deposited on a silicon wafer, the copper nitride film can be used as a mask layer, which can achieve higher signal speed than the Al metal wire used in integrated circuit processing.

Specifications of Copper Nitride Powder


Tricopper nitride;Nitrilotricopper(I), etc.



Molecular formula


Molecular weight


Melting point



5.84 g/cm3

Crystal shape

Cubic crystals


Decomposes in H2O

Copper Nitride (Cu3N) Powder

Applications of Copper Nitride Powder

- Used as a neutron poison in nuclear reactors
- The raw material of Gd compound
- Used as catalyst
- Used as optical recording materials

Packaging of Copper Nitride Powder

- 1 kg/bag
- 25 kg/ drum

All packaging materials are suitable for air, sea and road freight. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.


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