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CY0499 AgGaS2 & AgGaSe2 Crystal Maximize

CY0499 AgGaS2 & AgGaSe2 Crystal

Catalog No.CY0499
Perpendicularity5 arc minutes

Silver Selenogallate (AgGaSe2), Silver Thiogallate (AgGaS2) can be widely used in laser frequency, and frequency, difference frequency, optical parametric amplification, and electro-optic modulator, electro-optical deflection.

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AgGaS2 & AgGaSe2 Crystal Description

Silver Gallium Sulfide (AgGaS2) and Silver Gallium Selenite (AgGaSe2) crystals have recently attained special interest for the middle and deep infrared (IR) applications. due to their large nonlinear optical (NLO) coefficients and high transmission in the IR region.

The phase matching and transmission characteristics of AgGaS2 allow 3-wave interactions in the mid and near IR, AgGaS2 has been used as an efficient NLO crystal for 3 - 10 mm IR output, particularly for OPO devices pumped with Nd: YAG laser, frequency mixing of OPO outputs pumped by Ti: Sapphire or Nd: YAG laser, as well as frequency mixing Nd: YAG laser with dye and Ti: Sapphire or other laser sources. AgGaS2 has also been demonstrated to be an efficient frequency doubling crystal for infrared radiation such as 10.6 mm output of CO2 lasers.

AgGaS2 & AgGaSe2 Crystal Specification 


 l/ 8@633nm


10/5 to MIL-O-13830A




5 arc minutes

Angle Tolerance

 Δθ<0.5° Δψ 0.5

Dimension Tolerance


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