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WM0122 Furnace System Parts Maximize
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WM0122 Furnace System Parts

Catalog No.WM0122
SizeManufactured per drawing
MaterialPure W/Pure Moly
Density18.2-19.0 g/cc

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is the ideal supplier producing high-quality sapphire furnace system parts for markets. We provide the whole furnace system set which includes Tungsten Crucible, Tungsten Heater, Cover Plate and Base Plate, Heat Shield, Support Assembly and Seed Chuck.

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tungsten crucible Tungsten Heater

          Tungsten Crucible                               Tungsten Heater

Cover Plate base plate

             Cover Plate                                       Base Plate

heat shield Support Assembly

              Heat Shield                                       Support Assembly

Seed Chuck

             Seed Chuck

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