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PS0107 Phosphorus Pentoxide (CAS No.1314-56-3) Maximize

PS0107 Phosphorus Pentoxide (CAS No.1314-56-3)

Catalog No.PS0107
Purity99.9995% 99.9999%
CAS Number1314-56-3

Phosphorus pentoxide is used as a strong drying & dehydrating agent. It's the starting material for phosphate esters and used to manufacture optical & heat-insulating glass.

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Phosphorous Pentoxide

CAS#: 1314-56-3, M.F.: P2O5; M.W.: 141.94; Density 2.39 gm/c(20°C)
absorbs water in wet air and dissoluts in water to produce strong heat and form H3PO4.
Item No.DescriptionPurityLot SizeUS$
PP15-5.5NPhosphorous Pentoxide, Electrical Grade99.9995%1 KGAsk for a quotation
PP15-6NPhosphorous Pentoxide, Electrical Grade99.9999%1 KGAsk for a quotation

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