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PS0108 Phosphoric Acid (CAS No.7664-38-2) Maximize

PS0108 Phosphoric Acid (CAS No.7664-38-2)

Catalog No.PS0108
CAS Number7664-38-2

Phosphoric acid is used to remove rust from surfaces of metals and as an additive to acidify foods & beverages like colas. Another vital use is in medicine & dentistry.

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Phosphoric Acid

CAS#: 7664-38-2, M.F.: H3PO4; M.W.: 97.99; Melting Point: 42.35°C,Boiling point: 213°C.
Used as the cleaning and etching agent in TFT-LCD and IC production. Used as the etchant for etching Aluminum and Silicon Nitride film in semi-silicon IC. Produce high-purity phosphates and organic phosphorus products. Absorbs water in wet air and dissoluts in water to produce strong heat and form H3PO4.
Item No.DescriptionPurityLot Size
PA15-G2Phosphoric Acid, Electrical GradeH3PO4: 85%~87%;
As≤50 ppb, Ca≤1100 ppb, Cd≤450 ppb, Cr≤200 ppb
Co≤50 ppb, Cu≤50 ppb, Al≤300 ppb, Sb≤3500 ppb
Au≤150 ppb, Li≤100 ppb, K≤450 ppb, Fe≤700 ppb
Mg≤150 ppb, Mn≤70 ppb, Ni≤100 ppb, Pb≤200 ppb
Ti≤200 ppb, Zn≤400 ppb, Na≤500 ppb, Sr≤100 ppb
1 KG
PA15-G3Phosphoric Acid, Electrical GradeH3PO4: 85%~87%;
As≤50 ppb, Ca≤150 ppb, Cd≤50 ppb, Cr≤50 ppb
Co≤50 ppb, Cu≤50 ppb, Al≤50 ppb, Sb≤1000 ppb
Ba≤50 ppb, Au≤50 ppb, Li≤10 ppb, K≤150 ppb
Fe≤100 ppb, Mg≤50 ppb, Mn≤50 ppb, Ni≤50 ppb
Pb≤50 ppb, Ti≤50 ppb, Zn≤50 ppb, Si≤50 ppb
Na≤250 ppb, Sr≤10 ppb
1 KG

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