PT2528 Platinum(II) Acetylacetonate (CAS No. 15170-57-7)

Catalog No. PT2528
Purity 98.00%
CAS Number 15170-57-7
Appearance Orange Yellow Crystalline Powder
Molecular Formula C10H14O4Pt

Platinum(II) acetylacetonate is an orange-yellow crystalline powder. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) has more than two decades’ experience in the manufacture and sale of a variety of the Platinum(II) acetylacetonate.

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Platinum(II) acetylacetonate Description:

Platinum(II) acetylacetonate is an orange-yellow crystalline powder that has been widely used in the industry. SAM has rich experience in manufacturing the Platinum(II) acetylacetonate and provides customers with high-quality Platinum(II) acetylacetonate.

Platinum(II) acetylacetonate Specifications:

CAS Number


Molecular formula


Molecular weight

393.29 g/mol


Orange yellow crystalline powder

Melting point

249 - 252 °C (480 - 486 °F) - lit.

Platinum(II) acetylacetonate Applications:

Platinum(II) acetylacetonate can be applied in the following fields:

Pre-cursor for nano-materials.

Used with disodium iron tetracarbonyl to form FePt superlattice magnetic nanoparticles in high-boiling hydrocarbon solvents.

Safety Information


GHS07, GHS08

Signal word


Hazard statements

Harmful if swallowed, in contact with skin or if inhaled.

Causes skin irritation.

Causes serious eye irritation.

May cause respiratory irritation.

Suspected of damaging fertility or the unborn child.

Precautionary statements

Avoid breathing dust/ fume/ gas/ mist/ vapours/ spray.

Wash skin thoroughly after handling.

Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product.

IF SWALLOWED: Call a POISON CENTER/doctor if you feel unwell. Rinse mouth.

IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of soap and water. Call a POISON CENTER or doctor/ physician if you feel unwell. P304 + P340 + P312 IF INHALED: Remove victim to fresh air and keep at rest in a position comfortable for breathing. Call a POISON CENTER or doctor/ physician if you feel unwell.

Personal protective equipment

Eyeshields, full-face particle respirator type N100 (US), Gloves, respirator cartridge type N100 (US), type P1 (EN143) respirator filter, type P3 (EN 143) respirator cartridges


NONH for all modes of transport

WGK Germany



sc/1614303557-normal-Sodium Chloroplatinate Powder.jpg

PT3108 Sodium Chloroplatinate Powder (CAS No. 16923-58-3)

sc/1614304004-normal-Sodium Hexahydroxyplatinate(IV) Powder.jpg

PT3109 Sodium Hexahydroxyplatinate(IV) Powder (CAS No. 12325-31-4)

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PT3110 Potassium Hexahydroxyplatinate(IV) Powder (CAS No. 12285-90-4)

sc/1614304762-normal-Potassium bis(oxalato)platinate(II) Dihydrate Powder.jpg

PT3111 Potassium bis(oxalato)platinate(II) Dihydrate Powder (CAS No. 14244-64-5)

sc/1614305799-normal-Potassium Tetranitroplatinate(II) Powder.jpg

PT3112 Potassium Tetranitroplatinate(II) Powder (CAS No. 13815-39-9)

sc/1614306141-normal-Dihydrogen Dinitrosulfatoplatinate(II) Solution.jpg

PT3113 Dihydrogen Dinitrosulfatoplatinate(II) Solution

sc/1614306668-normal-Dichloro(ethylenediamine)platinum(II) Powder.jpg

PT3114 Dichloro(ethylenediamine)platinum(II) Powder (CAS No. 14096-51-6)

sc/1614307410-normal-Tetraammineplatinum(II) Chloride Monohydrate Powder.jpg

PT3115 Tetraammineplatinum(II) Chloride Monohydrate Powder (CAS No. 13933-33-0)


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