DT3287 Pre-Alloyed Powder X3-311 Fe-Cu

Catalog No. DT3287
Compositions Fe, Cu
Appearance Gray powder

Pre-Alloyed Powder X3-311 is mainly used as a base powder for diamond tools, especially for small saw blades. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) has rich experience in manufacturing and supplying high-quality metal powder for diamond tools.

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Pre-Alloyed Powder X3-311 Description

  1. The water atomization production process has the comprehensive performance of ordinary Pre-Alloyed Powder and elemental powder;
  2. The powder particle size distribution is concentrated and stable, the oxygen content is low and the fluctuation range is small;
  3. The sharpness of the function tool, 3 times to improve the sharpness of the tool;
  4. It has high bending strength and hardness, and has good self-sharpening;
  5. Professional formula for small saw blades, two-way improvement of sharpness performance.

Pre-Alloyed Powder X3-311 Specifications


Sintering Temperature (℃)


Oxygen Content (%)


Carcass Hardness


Theoretical Density (g/cm3)


Bulk Density (g/cm3)


Bending Strength (Mpa)


Pre-Alloyed Powder X3-311 Applications

Pre-Alloyed Powder X3-311 is suitable for all kinds of diamond tools. Appropriate addition can reduce the sintering temperature, improve the sinter ability of the matrix, and increase the sharpness of the tools.

Pre-Alloyed Powder X3-311 Packaging

Our Pre-Alloyed Powder X3-311 is carefully handled during storage and transportation to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.


sc/1618471014-normal-2.Pre-alloyed Powder for Cement Products YA416 Fe-Cu-Ni-Sn.jpg

DT3272 Pre-alloyed Powder for Cement Products YA416 Fe-Cu-Ni-Sn

sc/1618471458-normal-3.Pre-alloyed Powder for Ceramic Products YA422 Cu-Fe-Co-Sn.jpg

DT3273 Pre-alloyed Powder for Ceramic Products YA422 Cu-Fe-Co-Sn

sc/1618471896-normal-4.Pre-alloyed Powder for Cement Products YA423 Cu-Co-Sn.jpg

DT3274 Pre-alloyed Powder for Cement Products YA423 Cu-Co-Sn

sc/1618472278-normal-5.Pre-alloyed Powder for Diamond Wire Saw YA503 Fe-Cu-Co-Sn.jpg

DT3275 Pre-alloyed Powder for Diamond Wire Saw YA503 Fe-Cu-Co-Sn

sc/1620454068-normal-Pre-alloyed Powder X3-321 Fe-Cu.jpg

DT3354 Pre-alloyed Powder X3-321 Fe-Cu

sc/1620454602-normal-Pre-alloyed Powder X3-321 Fe-Cu.jpg

DT3355 Pre-alloyed Powder X3-330 Fe-Cu

sc/1620455000-normal-Pre-alloyed Powder X6-600 Fe-Co-Cu-Sn.jpg

DT3356 Pre-alloyed Powder X6-600 Fe-Co-Cu-Sn

sc/1620455544-normal-Reinforced Alloy Powder P22 Fe-P.jpg

DT3357 Reinforced Alloy Powder P22 Fe-P


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