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CY1328 Silver Methanesulphonate (AgCH3SO3) (CAS No.2386-52-9) Maximize

CY1328 Silver Methanesulphonate (AgCH3SO3) (CAS No.2386-52-9)

Catalog No.CY1328
CAS Number2386-52-9
AppearanceWhite to gray white crystalline powder
Chemical FormulaCH3AgO3S
Density1.511 g/cm3

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Silver Methanesulphonate (AgCH3SO3) Description:

Silver Methanesulphonate (AgCH3SO3) is a catalyst used in many reactions. It is white to gray-white crystalline powder and stable under normal temperatures and pressures.
Synonyms: Silver Mesylate, Methanesulfonicacid, silver(1+) salt (8CI,9CI); Silver methanesulfonate; Silvermethylsulfonate; Silver(I) methanesulfonate

Silver Methanesulphonate

Silver Methanesulphonate Specifications:

Assay: 99%
Lead time: 1-2 weeks
Storage condition: Store in a cool, dry place. Store in a tightly-closed container.

Silver Methanesulphonate (AgCH3SO3) Applications:


Silver Methanesulphonate (AgCH3SO3) Packaging:

1g, 5g, 50g, 100g, 500g, 1000g in a glass bottle or customized.

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