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PA2097 Palladium Black Powder (CAS No.7440-05-3) Maximize

PA2097 Palladium Black Powder (CAS No.7440-05-3)

Catalog No.PA2097
Molecular FormulaPd
CAS Number7440-05-3
AppearanceBlack Powder
Density12.02 g/cm3
Melting Point1554 °C
Boiling point2963 °C
Molecular Weight106.42

Stanford Advanced Materials uses its experience and expertise to provide the highest quality precious metal compounds. We offer high purity palladium black powder according to your requirements.

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Description of Palladium Black Powder

Palladium Black is a high surface area precipitated palladium powder used as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst in organic chemical reactions and fuel cells. 


Specification of Palladium Black Powder

Molecular Weight106.42
AppearanceBlack Powder
Melting Point1554 °C
Boiling Point2963 °C
Density12.02 g/cm3
Electrical Resistivity105.4 nΩ ·m (20 °C)
Electronegativity2.2 Paulings
Heat of Vaporization362 kJ ·mol-1
Specific Heat0.244 J ·g-1 ·mol-1(25 °C)
Thermal Conductivity71.8 W ·m-1 ·K-1


Safety Information of Palladium Black Powder

Precautionary StatementsP210-P261-P305 + P351 + P338
Flash PointNot applicable
Transport InformationNONH


Application of Palladium Black Powder

* Electronic Parts & Materials
* Surface-active Agent

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