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TF0457 PTFE gaskets/washers Maximize

TF0457 PTFE gaskets/washers

PTFE gaskets or washers are ideal for chemical industries and applications that require excellent corrosion resistance. This material resists to almost all corrosive chemicals, including organic solvents, acid and base. PTFE is also one of the most thermally stable plastic materials and there is no appreciable decomposition at 260°C. 

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Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) is also called Teflon, as DuPont, the inventor of this material, registered the trademark for its product. Teflon gaskets/washers resist to almost all corrosive chemicals and has great termal stability, making it an ideal material for chemical industry. Our teflon washers /gaskets made by virgin material can be customed to your specifications and be manufactured in large quantity.

Resistance to acid, base and most of other corrosion chemicals.

Low friction coefficient: 0.05~0.09

Working temperature:-170~+250°C

PTFE body offers high strength and moisture, temperature and thermal expansion resistance


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