RE2735 Rhenium MOCVD Heater Filament

Catalog No. RE2735
Size Customizable
Molecular Formula Re
Appearance Grey metallic rings
Purity ≥99.99%
Synonyms Rhenium MOCVD Heater Filaments

Rhenium MOCVD Heater Filament plays a crucial role in the electronic industry. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) has extensive experience in manufacturing and supplying Rhenium MOCVD Heater Filaments of high-quality at competitive prices.

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Rhenium MOCVD Heater Filament Description

Rhenium MOCVD Heater Filament plays a crucial role in the electronic industry. Since rhenium has excellent high temperature performance, high temperature heaters and electron tubes made of rhenium have been widely used in semiconductor and electronics industries.

In MOCVD, the main manufacturing facility for LEDs, the key heating element- Rhenium MOCVD Heater Filament- is made from rhenium. Compared with other materials, the rhenium heating parts have better electrical performance, longer service life and more resistance to harsh working environment.

In addition, rhenium crucible, rhenium nozzle, rhenium bushing and many other functional parts are widely used in high-tech fields.


Rhenium MOCVD Heater Filament Specifications

The standard for K465i, K700, A7

Product Name

Rhenium MOCVD Heater Filament





Minimum Profile Tolerance


Maximum Dimensional Tolerance



1.5~2.0mm or customizable


Vacuum packaging or customized packaging

Non-standard parts are processed according to the customer’s drawings.


Rhenium MOCVD Heater Filament Application

Rhenium MOCVD Heater Filaments are used in MOCVD (Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Phase Deposition) process, during which semiconductor layers are created for LEDs, solar cells, and other optoelectronic components.

In the MOCVD system, the temperature of heating elements rises to 2000. Rhenium has been often used for MOCVD heaters owing to its excellent high-temperature performance and long lifespan.


sc/1626837661-normal-Rhenium Powder.jpg

RE0436 Rhenium Powder (CAS No. 7440-15-5)

sc/1626839048-normal-Rhenium Pellet.jpg

RE0442 Rhenium Pellet

sc/1626839878-normal-Rhenium Sheet.jpg

RE0443 Rhenium Sheet / Foil / Plate

sc/1626846263-normal-Rhenium Rod.jpg

RE0452 Rhenium Rod

RE2734 Rhenium Crucible

RE2734 Rhenium Crucible


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