AL1629 Aluminum Lanthanum Master Alloy

Catalog No. AL1629
Shape Wire, ingot, waffle ingot or customized
Compositions Aluminum, Lanthanum, etc.

Aluminum Lanthanum Master Alloy is widely used as Modifiers & Special Alloys. Stanford Advanced Materials supplies aluminum lanthanum master alloy at competitive prices and with unrivaled customer service.

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Aluminum Lanthanum Master Alloy Description

Lanthanum (La) is a light rare earth element with atomic number 57. La is usually consumed by the glass industry as an additive. It is also a promising hydrogen storage material. Lanthanum could also be found in quite a lot of electronic components, such as camera lenses and electrodes.

Aluminum Lanthanum Master Alloy Specification

Product Name

Aluminum lanthanum master alloy


AlLa10 20 25 30 customized


1. Hardeners: Used for enhancing the physical and mechanical properties of metal alloys.
2. Grain Refiners: Used for controlling the dispersion of individual crystals in metals to produce a finer and more uniform grain structure.
3. Modifiers & Special Alloys: Typically used to increase strength, ductility, and machinability.

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