AC3500 Ready to Press Alumina (RTP Alumina)

Catalog No. AC3500
Material Al2O3
Purity 92-98%
Size Customized

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) can provide Ready to Press Alumina product series. Ready to Press Alumina is a type of aluminum oxide ceramic product. SAM provides alumina ceramic products with high purity, tight dimensional tolerance, and competitive prices.


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Ready to Press Alumina Description:

Ready to Press Alumina Powders are for uniaxial and isostatic pressing in the production of oxide ceramic bodies such as grinding media, insulating and wear-resistant parts.


-High Hardness

-High Compression Strength

-Abrasion/ Wear-Resistance

-Chemical Inertness

-High Degree of Refractoriness

-Superior Electrical Insulating Properties

-Dielectric Properties

-High Melting Point


Ready to Press Alumina Specifications:






Al2O3 (%)





CaO (%)





Na2O (%)





SiO2 (%)















Loss on Ignition (%)





Bulk Density (kg/m3)





Moisture (%)





Median Granule Size (µm)





Green Density (100 MPa) g/cm3





Fired Density (1600oC, 2h) g/cm3





Ready to Press Alumina Applications:

-Structural Ceramics

-Technical Ceramics

-Body and Vehicle Armor

-Grinding Media


Ready to Press Alumina Packaging:

Our Ready to Press Alumina is carefully handled during storage and transportation to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.


sc/1625110746-normal-Fused White Alumina.png

AC3496 Fused White Alumina

sc/1625111611-normal-Fused Brown Alumina.jpg

AC3497 Fused Brown Alumina

sc/1625117287-normal-Calcined Alumina.jpg

AC3498 Calcined Alumina

sc/1625117992-normal-Reactive Grade Alumina.jpg

AC3499 Reactive Grade Alumina

sc/1642745049-normal-Alumina Lining Brick.jpg

AC3937 Alumina Lining Brick

sc/1642745564-normal-Alumina Grinding Ball (Dry Grinding).jpg

AC3938 Alumina Grinding Ball (Dry Grinding)

sc/1642745877-normal-Alumina Grinding Ball (Wet Grinding).jpg

AC3939 Alumina Grinding Ball (Wet Grinding)

sc/1642746890-normal-Alumina Packing Ball.jpg

AC3940 Alumina Packing Ball


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