OM2227 CDBP Powder

Catalog No. OM2227
Purity >99%
CAS Number 120260-01-7
Appearance White powder
Molecular Formula C38H28N2
Synonyms 9-[4-(4-Carbazol-9-yl-2-methylphenyl)-3-methylphen

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CDBP Powder Description

4,4'-Bis(9-carbazolyl)-2,2'-dimethylbiphenyl (CDBP) has a large bandgap (E = 3.4 eV) and a high triplet energy level (T1 = 3.0 eV). It is used as a fluorescent and phosphorescent host material in blue, green, red and white OLED and TADF devices.
The high triplet energy level of CDBP is caused by the steric twisting from the methyl groups (in the 2 and 2′ position) of the biphenyl core. Compared to CBP and mCBP, CDBP has higher tendency to form excimers due to the localisation of the of the excitation onto the both ends of the carbazole units.
CDBP can also function as an exciton-blocking layer - it can block excitons migrating from the emitting layer into the hole-transport layer.

CDBP Powder Specifications

CAS number


Full name


Chemical formula


Molecular weight

512.64 g/mol


λmax 292 nm in THF


λmax 364 nm in THF

CDBP Powder Applications

- Used as a phosphorescent host material
- Laboratory research


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