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RB1212 Rubidium Hydroxide (RbOH) Maximize
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RB1212 Rubidium Hydroxide (RbOH)

Catalog No.RB1212
CAS Number1310-82-3
AppearanceWhite Powder
Purity99%, 99.5%, 99.9%
Chemical FormulaRbOH

High-Quality Rubidium Hydroxide (RbOH) for sale

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) can manufacture and supply high purity Rubidium Hydroxide up to 99.9%. Customized products are also available at competitive prices.

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Description of Rubidium Hydroxide

Rubidium Hydroxide is a strong alkali. It is highly corrosive and needs to be very careful when handling it. Rubidium Hydroxide is widely applied in chemistry and other industry because of its strong alkalinity and high water-solubility. It’s also the raw material of various rubidium crystals and widely used in the glass and ceramics industry.


Chemical component of Rubidium Hydroxide

RbOH (wt%): ≥Elements (wt%): ≤


Applications of Rubidium Hydroxide

Rubidium Hydroxide is rarely used in industrial processes as other strong alkalies can totally replace it. So it is primarily used:

-As analytical reagent and catalyst
-In the glass and ceramics industry


Packing of Rubidium Hydroxide

2 bags/drum
As required by the customer
Note: Keep from moisture/ Keep from acidic material/ Vacuum-sealed storage

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