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SC1763 Equal Diameter Silicon Carbon (SiC) Heating Rods Maximize

SC1763 Equal Diameter Silicon Carbon (SiC) Heating Rods

Catalog No.SC1763
ColorBlack and white
Physical SpecificationsCustomized

Silicon Carbon Heating Element is a high-temperature nonmetal heating elements which are processed by silicon carbide. Stanford Advanced Material provides standard and other customized size silicon-carbon rods. 

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Description of Silicon Carbon Heating Rods

Silicon carbon heating element is a high-temperature nonmetal heating elements which are processed by silicon carbide. Comparing to other metal elements, silicon carbon heating element has many advances such as high working temperature, oxidation resistance, longer life, and corrosion resistance. 

The cold ends are impregnated with silicon metal - referred to as one piece, and low resistance cold ends which are furnace welded to the hot zone - referred to as a three-piece or LRE (Low Resistance End) type. This lower electrical resistance cold end causes them to operate at a lower temperature. The extremities of the elements are metalized with aluminum to provide a low resistance contact surface to which the electrical connections are made using braided aluminum straps.



Specification of Silicon Carbon Heating Rods

Item #DiameterMaximum Overall LengthHot Zone (Electrical Resistance)Cold End (Electrical Resistance)
ED-3/8-103/8 Inch26 Inch0.3486 Ohms/Inch0.01743 Ohms/Inch
10 mm660 mm0.01372 Ohms/mm0.000686 Ohms/mm
ED-7/16-117/16 Inch36 Inch0.2563 Ohms/Inch0.01282 Ohms/Inch
11 mm915 mm0.01009 Ohms/mm0.000505 Ohms/mm
ED-1/2-131/2 Inch42 Inch0.1963 Ohms/Inch0.00982 Ohms/Inch
13 mm1090 mm0.00773 Ohms/mm0.000387 Ohms/mm
ED-5/8-165/8 Inch50 Inch0.1262 Ohms/Inch0.00631 Ohms/Inch
16 mm1250 mm0.00497 Ohms/mm0.000248 Ohms/mm
ED-3/4-193/4 Inch62 Inch0.0865 Ohms/Inch0.00433 Ohms/Inch
19 mm1575 mm0.00341 Ohms/mm0.00017 Ohms/mm
ED-1-251/1 Inch74 Inch0.05 Ohms/Inch0.0025 Ohms/Inch
25 mm1900 mm0.00197 Ohms/mm0.000098 Ohms/mm
ED-1-1/4-321-1/4 Inch86 Inch0.0343 Ohms/Inch0.00171 Ohms/Inch
32 mm2210 mm0.00134 Ohms/mm0.000067 Ohms/mm
ED-1-3/8-351-3/8 Inch90 Inch0.027 Ohms/Inch0.00135 Ohms/Inch
35 mm2290 mm0.00106 Ohms/mm0.000053 Ohms/mm
ED-1-1/2-381-1/2 Inch92 Inch0.0234 Ohms/Inch0.00117 Ohms/Inch
38 mm2340 mm0.00092 Ohms/mm0.000046 Ohms/mm
ED-1-3/4-451-3/4 Inch104 Inch0.0165 Ohms/Inch0.00082 Ohms/Inch
45 mm2670 mm0.00065 Ohms/mm0.000032 Ohms/mm
ED-2-1/8-542-1/8 Inch130 Inch0.015 Ohms/Inch0.00075 Ohms/Inch
54 mm3300 mm0.00059 Ohms/mm0.00003 Ohms/mm
ED-2-3/4-702-3/4 Inch130 Inch0.007298 Ohms/Inch0.00052 Ohms/Inch
70 mm3300 mm  


CZ: cold end length
HZ: hot zone length
OD: outside diameter

Please provide the product size you need according to the following format:

Hot zone, cold end, diameter

Example: HZ=500, CZ=250, OD=10mm

Applications of Silicon Carbon Heating Rods

Silicon carbon heating rods are widely used for silicon carbide, powder metallurgy, ceramics, glass, metals and a variety of high-temperature furnace and other industrial machinery and other electric heating devices.

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