SC1765 U-shaped Silicon Carbide (SiC) Heating Rods

Catalog No. SC1765
Color Black and white
Shape U-shaped
Physical Specifications Customized

Stanford Advanced Materials is a global supplier of Silicon Carbide Heating Rods with the most competitive price and warm service. We provide custom or standard U-shaped SiC Heating Rods.

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Silicon Carbide Heating Rods Description

Silicon Carbide Heating Element is a high-temperature nonmetal heating element which are processed by silicon carbide. Comparing to other metal elements, Silicon Carbide Heating Element has many advances such as high working temperature, oxidation resistance, longer life, and corrosion resistance.

U-shaped silicon carbide heating rods are capable of higher operating temperatures and higher watt loadings than metallic elements and are relatively easy to change while the furnace is hot.



Silicon Carbide Heating Rods Specification

Item # leg diameter Ohms per Leg Hot Zone Ohms per Leg Cold End
U-1/2-13 1/2 Inch 0.1963Ohms/Inch 0.00982Ohms/Inch
13 mm 0.00773Ohms/mm 0.000387Ohms/mm
U-5/8-16 5/8 Inch 0.1262Ohms/Inch 0.00631Ohms/Inch
16 mm 0.00497Ohms/mm 0.000248Ohms/mm
U-3/4-19 3/4 Inch 0.0865Ohms/Inch 0.00433Ohms/Inch
19 mm 0.00341Ohms/mm 0.000170Ohms/mm
U-1-25 1 Inch 0.0500Ohms/Inch 0.00250Ohms/Inch
25 mm 0.00197Ohms/mm 0.000098Ohms/mm
U-1-1/4-32 1-1/4 Inch 0.0343Ohms/Inch 0.00171Ohms/Inch
32 mm 0.00134Ohms/mm 0.000067Ohms/mm
U-1-1/2-38 1-1/2 Inch 0.0234Ohms/Inch 0.00117Ohms/Inch
38 mm 0.00092Ohms/mm 0.000046Ohms/mm
U-1-3/4-44 1-3/4 Inch 0.0165Ohms/Inch 0.00082Ohms/Inch
44 mm 0.00065Ohms/mm 0.000032Ohms/mm
U-2-1/8-54 2-1/8 Inch 0.0150Ohms/Inch 0.00075Ohms/Inch
54 mm 0.00059Ohms/mm 0.000030Ohms/mm


A: center distance between legs
CZ: cold end length
HZ: hot zone length
OD: outside diameter

Please provide the product size you need according to the following format:

Hot zone, cold end, diameter, A

Example: HZ=500, CZ=250, OD=19mm, A=60


SC1763 Equal Diameter Silicon Carbon (SiC) Heating Rods

SC1763 Equal Diameter Silicon Carbide (SiC) Heating Rod


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