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OX1134 Tellurium Dioxide (TeO2) (CAS No.7446-07-3) Maximize

OX1134 Tellurium Dioxide (TeO2) (CAS No.7446-07-3)

Catalog No.OX1134
CAS Number7446-07-3
AppearanceWhite powder
Formula Weight159.60
Spec. Gravity5.8 g/cc

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) manufactures and supplies ultra-high purity Tellurium Dioxide (TeO2) with high performance and competitive prices.

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More details

Tellurium dioxide, also known as tellurium oxide (TeO2), is a white powder. Our Tellerium dioxide is produced with minimally sized grains and the highest possible density. It is used for deposition and evaporation processes and in applications requiring high surface areas. It is highly insoluble to water, however it is soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid and reacts with acids to make tellurium salts.

Tellurium Dioxide Tellurium Dioxide


  • Used to manufacture acousto-optic materials, infrared devices, and infrared window materials.
  • Used for fuel cell and solar applications.
  • Used as a conditional glass former.
  • Applied as a preservative.


Item No.

Item Name



Tellurium Dioxide



Tellurium Dioxide

99.99 %


Tellurium Dioxide

99.999 %


Tellurium Dioxide

99.9999 %


Tellurium Dioxide

99.99999 %

Packaging of SAM Tellurium Dioxide (TeO2):
Our Tellurium Dioxide is carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.


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