TI1710 Titanium Aluminide Powder & Sheet

Catalog No. TI1710
Purity 99.5%
Chemical Formula TiAl, Ti3Al, TiAl3, Ti-48Al-2Nb-2Cr, Ti2 AlNb 3
Density ~4.1- 4.7 (g/cm3)- alpha 2
Melting Point ~1,460°C

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Titanium Aluminide Powder & Sheet  Description

Titanium aluminide has three major intermetallic compounds: gamma TiAl, alpha 2-Ti3Al, and TiAl3. Among the three, gamma TiAl has received the most interest and applications.

Titanium Aluminide Powder & Sheet Synonyms

titanium aluminide powder (TiAl, Ti3Al, TiAl3, Ti-48Al-2Nb-2Cr, Ti2 AlNb), titanium aluminide powder, titanium aluminide sheet,TiAl,Ti3Al, TiAl3, Ti-48Al-2Nb-2Cr, Ti2AlNb, titanium aluminide powder, TiAl, Ti3Al, titanium aluminide sheet, titanium aluminide powder, TiAl, Ti3Al, titanium aluminide sheet, gamma-met, Ti-48Al-2Nb-2Cr, TiAl3, TiAl, Ti3Al, titanium aluminide sheet, gamma-met, Ti-48Al-2Nb-2Cr, TiAl3, gamma-met, Ti-48Al-2Nb-2Cr, TiAl3, TiAl= CAS # 12003-96-2, TiAl3= CAS # 12004-78-3, Ti3Al= CAS # 39410-63-4, UN 2878, UN 3178, aluminides, intermetallic chemical compounds.

Titanium Aluminide Powder & Sheet

Titanium Aluminide Powder & Sheet Physical Properties

sheet (Gamma-met), foil, targets, tablets, 6 MM pieces, and powder as small as 10 microns average particle size

Titanium Aluminide Powder & Sheet Typical Applications

TiAl turbine blades to replace superalloys due to lower density and higher operating temperatures, US national aerospace plane, airframes, investment casting, automotive engine valves, turbocharger rotors, and wire/fiber metal matrix composites 2) General Electric has recently announced that gamma TiAl low-pressure turbine blades will be used on its GEnx engine, which powers the Boeing 787 and Boeing 747-8 aircraft. This is the first large-scale use of this material on a commercial jet engine.

Titanium Aluminide Powder & Sheet Packaging

Jars and Drums

Titanium Aluminide Powder & Sheet Specifications

Density (g/cm3)- alpha 2

~4.1- 4.7

Specific Gravity


Specific Heat @25°C (cal/g-°C)


Melting Point (°C)


Boiling Point (°C)


Surface Area (m2/g)


Thermal Conductivity @20°C (cal/s-cm-°C)


Youngs Modulus @600°C

~159 giga-pascal

Titanium Aluminide Powder & Sheet Classification

Titanium Aluminide TSCA (SARA Title III) Status: Listed. For further information please call the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency at +1.202.554.1404

Titanium Aluminide Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) Numbers:
TiAl= 12003-96-2 2) TiAl3= 12004-78-3 3) Ti3Al= 39410-63-4

Titanium Aluminide UN Number: 2878, 3178



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