AC3283 Wear-Resistant Ceramic Coating Al2O3-SiO2

Catalog No. AC3283
Material Al2O3, SiO2
Density ≥2.9 g/m3
Form Gray powder
Hexsteel Material Q235
Glue Ratio 25%

Wear-Resistant Ceramic Coating is a kind of cementitious material. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) has rich experience in manufacturing and supplying high-quality Wear-Resistant Ceramic Coating.

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Wear-Resistant Ceramic Coating Description

Wear-Resistant Ceramic Coating is a kind of cementitious material. Due to the special treatment method and strict process control composition of the raw materials, through a series of chemical reactions, it can form high strength and hardness at room temperature and reach the bonding strength standard of ceramics.

Wear-Resistant Ceramic Coating Properties

Ceramic wear-resistant coating is mainly composed of wear-resistant aggregates and bonding systems. The strength of the material is 150MPa, beyond the reach of general concrete and refractory castables. It is mainly composed of ionic compounds and some synthetic covalent compounds. Its ionic bond is firmly combined, so the strength and rigidity are great, and it can effectively resist the impact and shear stress of the material. Therefore, the combined system has high strength due to the adoption of compound strengthening measures and special treatment to form a chemical bond.

Since non-oriented steel fiber and directional mesh reinforcement measures are adopted, the toughness is further improved through coupling. Therefore, it has strong resistance to fracture and toughness, and can effectively prevent damage and peeling caused by impact. On the other hand, since the ionic bond and its covalent bond are strong bonds, low temperature or high vibration frequency have little effect on it at room temperature.

Since double reinforcement measures are adopted, the material properties have been effectively improved. The low expansion coefficient of the ceramic material makes its volume stable and it is impossible to produce cracks. The performance is good, and the construction is an overall construction, no joints appear, so the integrity is further improved.

Due to the use of acid-resistant and alkali-resistant synthetic materials, the coating will not react with slag. At the same time, this material is mostly high-temperature synthetic material, so the crystals are well developed and the structure is complete. The ambient temperature will not cause a large impact on it.

Wear-Resistant Ceramic Coating inorganic non-metallic materials, the main components are silicate and alumina, which are similar to the composition of the earth's rock layer, and will not cause soil deterioration and heavy metal ion pollution, and will not affect the environment.

Wear-Resistant Ceramic Coating Specifications



Applicable Temperature ()


Main Chemical Composition (%)




Density (g/m3)


Compressive Strength (28days) Mpa


Flexural Strength (28days) Mpa


Abrasion Resistance at room temperature (28days)


Linear change rate (815X3H)


Heat Conduction System (W/M.)


Specific Heat (KJ/Kg.)


Glue Ratio (%)


Hexsteel Material


Wear-Resistant Ceramic Coating Applications

At the construction site, special liquid inorganic glue is added to this material and applied to the lining or surface of the equipment manually or mechanically, which can effectively resist the high-speed impact and shear stress of the material.

Wear-Resistant Ceramic Coating Packaging

Our Wear-Resistant Ceramic Coating is carefully handled during storage and transportation to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.



sc/1625108839-normal-Bubble Alumina Tube.jpg

AC3493 Bubble Alumina Tube

sc/1625109432-normal-Activated Alumina.jpg

AC3494 Activated Alumina


AC3500 Ready to Press Alumina (RTP Alumina)

sc/1625109720-normal-Alumina Spheres.jpg

AC3495 Alumina Spheres

sc/1625110746-normal-Fused White Alumina.png

AC3496 Fused White Alumina

sc/1625111611-normal-Fused Brown Alumina.jpg

AC3497 Fused Brown Alumina

sc/1625117287-normal-Calcined Alumina.jpg

AC3498 Calcined Alumina

sc/1625117992-normal-Reactive Grade Alumina.jpg

AC3499 Reactive Grade Alumina


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