OP6400 Sapphire windows

Catalog No. OP6400

Stanford Advanced Material can provide sapphire windows, lenses, prisms and domes in various shapes, sizes and forms i.e. squares, plates, rectangles and discs are available.

Specification of sapphire windows

Crystal LED Grade Sapphire
Sapphire purity >99.99%
Color Transparent
Orientation C plane tiled M axis 0.20°±0.05°
Diameter 50.85±0.05mm
Thickness 300±15 μm
Primary Flat Location A-axis ± 0.1°
Flat Length 16.0±0.5 mm
Front Side Roughness  Ra 0.2nm
Back Side Roughness  Ra 0.2nm
Edge Bevel Curve; Rounded
TTV 7.0µm (95%5um; 100%7um)
Tir 7.0µm (95%5um; 100%7um)
BOW BOW:-5+4µm (90%0)
Warp 10.0µm 
Bubble & Color    None by visual inspection in intensive light
Ground Boundary   None by visual inspection in fluorescent light
Cleanliness   Free visible contamination
Packaging Vacuum packed in one-piece box or Entegris cassettes of 25 in a class 100 clean room, under a nitrogen atmosphere

Sapphire windows description:

Sapphire has a wide transmission range, spanning the three wavelength bands of ultraviolet, visible light and infrared and has high thermal shock resistance, high hardness and wear resistance. Almost no substance except the diamond can produce scratches on its surface, and its chemical properties are stable which is insoluble in most acid solutions. Furthermore, because of its high strength, windows made of sapphire are thinner.

Different Types of Sapphire Windows

Sapphire has better light transmittance in the wavelength range of 0.20 - 5.50 μm and the infrared transmittance hardly changes with temperature.

Square and rectangle sapphire windows are widely used in many fields, such as high-temperature infrared windows, bar code scanning windows and various optical components.

Due to the extensive applications of sapphire in various fields, different dimensions are required. Stanford Advanced Materials can provide custom sapphire windows of any size and thickness in complete orientations.



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