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Sapphire windows

Stanford Advanced Material can provide sapphire windows, lenses, prisms and domes in various shapes, sizes and forms i.e. squares, plates, rectangles and discs are available.

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Specification of sapphire windows

CrystalLED Grade Sapphire
Sapphire purity>99.99%
OrientationC plane tiled M axis 0.20°±0.05°
Thickness300±15 μm
Primary Flat LocationA-axis ± 0.1°
Flat Length16.0±0.5 mm
Front Side Roughness Ra 0.2nm
Back Side Roughness Ra 0.2nm
Edge BevelCurve; Rounded
TTV7.0µm (95%5um; 100%7um)
Tir7.0µm (95%5um; 100%7um)
BOWBOW:-5+4µm (90%0)
Bubble & Color   None by visual inspection in intensive light
Ground Boundary  None by visual inspection in fluorescent light
Cleanliness  Free visible contamination
PackagingVacuum packed in one-piece box or Entegris cassettes of 25 in a class 100 clean room, under a nitrogen atmosphere

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