YM1968 Yttrium Ferrite Powder (YIG) (CAS No. 12063-56-8)

Catalog No. YM1968
Purity 99.99%
Appearance Yellow powder
Particle Size 0.2-1 μm
Molecular Formula Y3Fe5O12
Synonyms YIG

Yttrium Ferrite Powder (YIG) (CAS No. 12063-56-8) provided by Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) has high quality and the most competitive price. We’ve specialized in supplying high-quality ferrimagnetic material for many years.

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Description of Yttrium Ferrite Powder (YIG)

Yttrium Ferrite Powder (YIG) is an iron oxide synthetic crystal with multiple magnetic properties, which is commonly used to adjust the laser. It has become microwave ferrite devices and is an important building block for circulators, isolators, phase shifters, modulators, filters, switches, etc.

Specifications of Yttrium Ferrite Powder (YIG)



Molecular formula


Molecular weight



5.17 g/cm3

Saturation magnetization

0.0225-0.15 T

Applications of Yttrium Ferrite Powder (YIG)

- Circulators
- Isolators
- Phase shifters
- Modulators
- Microwave Filters
- Optical applications


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