ZC0936 Zirconia Tube (YSZ Tube)

Catalog No. ZC0936
Color White
Size Customized
Material Zirconia

Zirconia's high density, low porosity, inertness, toughness, and super hardness make it the perfect material for making the zirconia tube (YSZ tube).

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Zirconia (YSZ) Tube Description

Zirconia (ZrO2) is an extremely refractory material. They possess excellent chemical inertness and corrosion resistance at temperatures up to 2200℃, well above the melting point of alumina. Zirconia is stabilized in the cubic crystal structure to avoid cracking and mechanical weakening during heating and cooling. In addition to their refractoriness, they offer low thermal conductivity and are electrical conductors above 800 ℃. They also possess the unique ability to allow oxygen ions to move freely through the crystal structure above 600 ℃.

Zirconia (YSZ) Tube Specification

Item No.

(OD x ID x Length, inch)


0.375" OD x 0.25" ID x 8" L (6.35 mm x 9.53 mm x 203 mm)

Size tolerance:  +/- 4%


2" ODx 1.75" ID x 24" L (50.8 mm x 44.45 mm x 609 mm)

Size tolerance:  +/- 4%


2" ODx 1.75" ID x 36" L (50.8 mm x 44.45 mm x 914 mm)

Size tolerance:  +/- 4%

The YSZ tube is very brittle and must be handled very carefully.  When used as a processing tube, the heating and cooling rates should be as slow as possible (usually <5°C/minute above 800°C and < 2°C/minute above 1500°C). 

Zirconia (YSZ) Tube Application

High-temperature insulation, thermal barriers, fuel cells, sensors, catalysis, and aerospace applications.

Zirconia (YSZ) Tube Packaging

Our Zirconia Tube (YSZ Tube) is carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.

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