PD1707 Nickel Aluminide Powder (NiAl, Ni3Al or NiAl3)

Catalog No. PD1707
Material Al= 11.3%, Ni= bal, Zr= 0.6, and B= 0.02
Chemical Formula Ni3Al, NiAl, and NiAl3

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Nickel aluminides (Ni3Al) are intermetallic compounds that have long been considered potentially useful because, thanks to their ordered crystal structure, they are very strong and hard (lighter and five times stronger than stainless steel) and melt only at very high temperatures.

However, nickel aluminides have a serious weakness: they are very brittle, making it almost impossible to shape into reliable components. However lately several advances have been made in this area.

Nickel aluminide is an intermetallic material with properties similar to both a ceramic and a metal.


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Nickel Aluminide Powder

Chemical Properties

Al= 11.3%, Ni= bal., Zr= 0.6, and B= 0.02

Physical Properties

A large number of size ranges are available for consolidation, P/M, thermal spray, injection molding, and other specialty applications

Typical Applications

Used in everything from processing glass to making dies for forming beverage containers and other shapes from metal. Also widely used in automobile and tool companies. Also, rotating parts, dies, high temp. wear resistant parts, permanent molds, turbocharger rotors, etc.


Nickel Aluminide TSCA (SARA Title III) Status: Listed. For further information please call the E.P.A. at +1.202.554.1404

Nickel Aluminide CAS Numbers:
a) NiAl: CAS# 12003-78-0
b) NiAl3: CAS# 12004-71-6

Nickel Aluminide Hazmat Information: Nickel aluminide powder is generally considered pyrophoric and must be handled with care. The shipping containers are sometimes filled with vermiculite to protect the sealed bottle inside.


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