Metal plating (also known as electroplating or electrodeposition) is a coating technique that can deposit a thin layer of metal or alloy on a conductive surface to give it specific functional or aesthetic properties. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) produces high-purity metal and alloy raw materials and electrolyte salts for electroplating advanced tech components. Standard forms include powders, pellets, solutions, and other shapes. For example, we offer numerous metals commonly used as plating materials, such as zinc, copper, chromium, and nickel.


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CR1313 Chromium Metal Powder (Cr Powder)

CR1313 Chromium Metal Powder (Cr Powder)

​Chromium metal powder can be used as light-resistant and heat-resistant coatings, as well as abrasives, colorants for glass and ceramics. Stanford Advanced Materials offers high-purity chromium powder. Other high purity chromium metals: Chromium Carbide Powder (Cr3C2), Chromium Bar & Rod, Chromium Ingot (Cr Ingot), Chromium Metal Pellets (Cr Pellets), etc.
CD1110 Cadmium Metal (Cd Metal) (CAS No.7440-43-9)

CD1110 Cadmium Metal (Cd Metal) (CAS No.7440-43-9)

​Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a leading supplier of cadmium metal. We offer ultra-high purity Cd Metal (up to 99.99999%) with superior quality and competitive prices. Related product: Cadmium Sulfide Powder, Cadmium Selenide Powder
IN2337 Indium Sulfate Powder (CAS No.13464-82-9)

IN2337 Indium Sulfate Powder (In2(SO4)3) (CAS No.13464-82-9)

​Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) offers various grades of Indium sulfate Powder. SAM has a highly skilled R&D and engineering staff who have more than two decades’ knowledge in indium metallurgy and its applications. Related Products: Indium Chloride Powder, Indium Hydroxide Powder, Indium Oxide Powder, Indium Phosphide Powder.  


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