SM5098 Sandwich Assemblies

Catalog No. SM5098
Width Various
Thickness Various
Length Various
Pull Force(Lbs) Various

Sandwich assemblies refer to a type of construction in which multiple layers of materials are combined to create a single structure or component. These layers are typically bonded or stacked together, forming a "sandwich-like" configuration.

Sandwich Assemblies Description

Sandwich assembly magnets are ceramic magnets that are "sandwiched" between two plated steel pole pieces. This unique design concentrates the magnetic flux, significantly increasing the pull strength of the magnet by up to 32 times compared to the original.

Sandwich Assemblies Specification

The table below provides the specifications of Sandwich Assembly Magnets:

Width (inch) Thickness (inch) Length (inch) Pull lbs
0.835 0.315 1.06 10
0.844 0.313 1.06 16
0.844 0.563 1.06 20
0.844 0.347 2.094 25
0.844 0.313 3.060 22
0.615 1.540 2.125 50
0.637 1.000 2.125 50

Sandwich Assemblies Applications

Due to their strong magnetic pull, Sandwich Assembly Magnets are used in various applications, including:

Sandwich Assemblies Package

Stanford Advanced Materials packages Sandwich Assembly Magnets individually in bags or other specified packaging types.



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