SM5095 Halbach Arrays

Catalog No. SM5095
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SAM's Halbach Array Magnets have a hole parallel to the magnetization direction. The north and south poles are on faces where there is a hole.


Halbach Arrays Description

A Halbach Array is a specialized arrangement of permanent magnets designed to create a strong magnetic field on one side of the array while canceling the field to near zero on the other side. This unique configuration makes Halbach Arrays different from the magnetic field around a single magnet, where the magnetic strength is equal on both sides. One common example of a Halbach Array is the flexible refrigerator magnet, often used on refrigerator doors or the backs of cars.

Halbach Arrays Specification

Specification Description
Types Planar Halbach Arrays, Circular Halbach Arrays (OD and ID iteration)
Other Configurations Halbach Array Ring Magnet, Arc Segment Magnets
Magnetization Hole parallel to the magnetization direction
North/South Poles Located on faces with a hole

Halbach Arrays Applications


sc/1691032730-normal-Magnet Rotors.jpg

SM5096 Magnet Rotors


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