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OP0521 Calcium Fluoride(CaF2) Windows Maximize

OP0521 Calcium Fluoride(CaF2) Windows

Catalog No.OP0521
SizeDiameter: 5 mm ~ 75 mm
Wavelength Range180 nm - 8 μm

Calcium fluoride is often used in spectroscopic windows and lenses due to its high transmission from 250nm to 7µm. Its low absorption and high damage threshold makes it a popular choice for excimer laser optics.

More details

  • Low Absorption, High Transmission UV Grade Calcium Fluoride
  • Ideal for Applications Ranging from 250nm thru 7µm
  • Low Index of Refraction
Diameter (mm)5.00 ~ 75mm
Diameter Tolerance (mm)+0.0/-0.1
Thickness (mm)1.00
Thickness Tolerance (mm)±0.1
Surface Accuracy (λ)½ @ 632.8nm
Surface Quality40-20
Clear Aperture (%)90
Parallelism (arcminutes)<1
SubstrateVacuum UV Grade CaF2

Calcium Fluoride(CaF2) Windows

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