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BR1945 Cerium (III) Bromide Hydrate (metal basis) Maximize

BR1945 Cerium (III) Bromide Hydrate (metal basis)

Catalog No.BR1945
Molecular FormulaCeBr3•xH2O
AppearanceWhite powder
Purity99.99 %
Molecular Weight379.83
SynonymsCerium tribromide, Cerous bromide

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Description of Cerium (III) Bromide Hydrate

Cerium (III) Bromide Powder is a rare earth bromide material, which is soluble in water. Like other related salt CeCl3, CeBr3 absorbs water easily when exposed to moist air. When doped with LaBr3, CeBr3 can exhibit superior scintillation properties.


Specification of Cerium (III) Bromide Hydrate



Molecular formula


Molecular weight


Melting point

722 ℃


5.1 g/cc


Soluble in water




Applications of Cerium (III) Bromide Hydrate

- The catalyst of organic synthesis
- Scintillator crystal material
- Medical imaging
- Geophysics detectors
- Nuclear non-proliferation testing
- Environmental remediation
- Oil exploration

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