SAM will be the Advanced Materials Exhibitor in the 2018 MRS Fall Meeting

As a leading materials supplier, Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is pleased to announce that we will participate in the 2018 MRS Fall Exhibit, where over 240 international exhibitors from all sectors of the global materials science and engineering communities will display a full spectrum of equipment, instrumentation, products, software, publications, and services. The exhibition will be held from November 25–30, 2018 at the Hynes Convention Center, 900 Boylston Street, Boston, MA. 

MRS Exhibition

In this coming exhibition, the key products we’ll display on the exhibit include Refractory Metals and Alloys, Advanced Ceramic Materials, Rare Earth Metals, Oxides, Compounds, Sputtering Targets, and Evaporation Materials, Beryllium, Thermal Spray Powders, and Laboratory Equipment. Our specialists will lead the exhibition and demonstrate various applications of our products.

As an advanced materials manufacturing company, SAM is proud to assist R&D, top universities, national labs, and sophisticated industries all over the world by providing a variety of high-quality and consistent products to fit their needs – from the grinding media and crucibles in the labs, carbide ceramic cutting tools, to the sputtering targets in the semiconductor companies.

It would be a great pleasure to meet you at the exhibition so that we can introduce our products, and you may find something meeting your need. We are looking forward to seeing you in the exhibition hall and exchanging our opinions.

If you have any questions regards to advanced materials or need assistance with your projects, feel free to contact us at (949) 407-8904. 

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Chin Trento

Chin Trento holds a bachelor’s degree in applied chemistry from the University of Illinois. His educational background gives him a broad base from which to approach many topics. He has been working with writing advanced materials for over four years in Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM). His main purpose in writing these articles is to provide a free, yet quality resource for readers. He welcomes feedback on typos, errors, or differences in opinion that readers come across.

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