GA1143 Gallium Metal (Ga Metal)

Catalog No. GA1143
CAS Number 7440-55-3
Appearance Silvery metal, very low melting point
Melting Point 29.78 °C
Molecular Formula Ga
Boiling point 2403 °C

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a reliable supplier of Gallium Metal. We have gained a strong reputation with engineers around the world by providing ultra-high-purity Ga metal and its compounds.

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Gallium Metal (Ga Metal) Description

Gallium Metal is available in lump form. Ultra-high purity and high purity forms are also available. Elements can also be introduced into alloys or other systems as fluorides, oxides, or chlorides, or as solutions. Gallium metal is generally immediately available in most volumes. SAM produces many standard grades when applicable.

Solid gallium is a blue-gray metal with an orthorhombic crystalline structure; very pure gallium has a stunning silvery color. Gallium is solid at normal room temperatures, but as well as mercury, cesium, and rubidium it becomes liquid when heated slightly. Solid gallium is soft enough to be cut with a knife. It is stable in air and water, but it reacts with and dissolves in acids and alkalis.

gallium-metal gallium-metal

Gallium Metal (Ga Metal) Specifications

Item No.

Typical Applications



For low melting point alloy, photovoltaic substrates, magnetic materials, high-temperature thermometer, optical glass, etc



For heat conduction, medium and high-temperature vacuum pump, ultraviolet light bulb production, etc



For LED with GaAs, GaP, GaSb, and NB-Fe-B senior magnetic materials, etc



For making insulation GaAs, IC as the substrate, etc



For the molecular beam of the denotation of the source, and making the GaN blue LEDs and LD, microwave circuit, quantum devices, etc


Gallium Metal (Ga Metal) Application

Gallium is mostly used for its semiconductor applications but it also can be used to coat glass and create mirrors. It alloys well with most metals, so it is often seen in low-melting alloys. Its second-largest use is seen in Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) in integrated circuits (ICs) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs).s decreased, it could have more applications.

Packaging of SAM Gallium Metal (Ga Metal)

Our gallium metal is clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.


Material Safety Data Sheet for your reference


GA2156 Gallium Antimonide Single Crystal Substrate

GA2156 Gallium Antimonide Single Crystal Substrate (GaSb)

GA2171 Gallium Arsenide Wafer

GA2171 Gallium Arsenide Wafer (GaAs)

GA2268 Gallium Antimony Wafer

GA2268 Gallium Antimony Wafer (GaSb)

GA2269 Gallium Phosphide Wafer

GA2269 Gallium Phosphide Wafer (GaP)

GA2623 Gallium (III) Fluoride Powder, GaF3 Powder (CAS 7783-51-9)

GA2623 Gallium (III) Fluoride Powder, GaF3 Powder (CAS 7783-51-9)

GA2624 Gallium (III) Iodide Powder, GaI3 Powder (CAS 13450-791-4)

GA2624 Gallium (III) Iodide Powder, GaI3 Powder (CAS 13450-791-4)

SE2799 Gallium (II) Selenide (GaSe) (CAS 12024-11-2)

SE2799 Gallium (II) Selenide (GaSe) (CAS 12024-11-2)

sc/1615277748-normal-Gallium(III) Acetylacetonate.jpg

GA3162 Gallium(III) Acetylacetonate (CAS: 14405-43-7)


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