OM2219 DMQA Powder

Catalog No. OM2219
Purity >99%
CAS Number 19205-19-7
Appearance Yellow to Green powder
Molecular Formula C22H16N2O2

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DMQA Powder Description

N,N'-Dimethylquinacridone (DMQA) is a green dopant material used in OLEDs. Highly stable and longer-lifetime OLED devices have been achieved by using DMQA as the dopant to a double host (aminoanthracene and Alq3). It is believed that DMQA can prevent excimer formation, thus prolonging the lifetime of the devices.
By using DMQA as a green dopant, very high-efficiency OLEDs with a luminance of greater than 88,000 cd/m2, EQE of 5.4% and current efficiency of 21.1 cd/A have been achieved. DMQA has also been used in green light photodetectors for practical applications, such as photosensors and chemical sensors.

DMQA Powder Specifications

CAS number


Chemical formula


Molecular weight



λmax 294 nm, 510 nm (in THF)


λem 523 nm (in THF)


HOMO = 5.35 eV; LUMU = 3.17 eV [1]


N,N'-Dimethylquinacridone, 5,12-Dihydro-5,12-dimethylquino[2,3-b]acridine-7,14-dione

Classification / Family

Green dopant materials, OLEDs, Photodetectors, Organic electronics

DMQA Powder Applications

- OLED green dopant and electron transport host material
- Laser dyes
- Laboratory research

DMQA Powder Safety Information

Safety statement


HS code


WGK Germany



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