LM2715 (Discontinued) Lithium Aluminum Hydride (CAS 16853-85-3)

Catalog No. LM2715
Molecular Formula LiAlH4
CAS Number 16853-85-3
Appearance White or gray powder
Purity 95%


Lithium Aluminum Hydride (16853-85-3) is a white or off-white crystal with the molecular formula of LiAlH4. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a worldwide supplier of high-quality Lithium Aluminum Hydride.

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Lithium Aluminum Hydride Description:

Lithium Aluminum Hydride is a composite hydride. It is white or off-white crystals with the molecular formula of LiAlH4. Lithium Aluminum Hydride is a very important reducing agent in organic synthesis, especially for the reduction of esters, carboxylic acids, and amides. Lithium Aluminum Hydride has a strong irritation to the mucous membranes, upper respiratory tract, eyes, and skin of the human body. Therefore, persons exposed to it should take protective measures.

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a leading supplier of Lithium Aluminum Hydride across the world who has over two decades in the manufacture and sale of high-quality Lithium Aluminum Hydride so you can rest assured to buy the Lithium Aluminum Hydride provided by SAM.

Lithium Aluminum Hydride Specifications:

CAS Number


Molecular formula


Molecular weight



White or gray crystals or powder


0.917 g/cm3

Melting point

125 °C

Boiling point




Lithium Aluminum Hydride Applications:

-          Lithium Aluminum Hydride can be used as a carbonyl reagent, reducing agent, can produce other hydrides, silane, borane, etc.

-          It is used as a reducing agent in medicine, perfume, pesticide, dye, and other fine organic syntheses.

-          In addition, Lithium Aluminum Hydride is also used as a polymerization catalyst, jet engine fuel, and synthetic drugs.

Safety information



Signal word


Hazard statements

H260 - H314

Precautionary statements

P223 - P231 + P232 - P260 - P280 - P303 + P361 + P353 - P305 + P351 + P338

Personal protective equipment



UN 1410 4.3 / PGI

WGK Germany




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