PT1022 Standard Platinum Dish (Standard Pt Dish)

Catalog No. PT1022
Size 20ml-500ml or customized
Material Platinum (Pt), PtAu5 (95% Pt and 5% Au), PtIr5 (95% Pt and 5% Ir)
Purity Pt ≥ 99.95%, Ir ≥ 99.99%, Au ≥ 99.99%

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Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) has been providing high-quality platinum products for over two decades. We provide a Standard Platinum Dish in addition to other platinum crucibles including Standard Platinum Crucible, Platinum (Pt) Crucible & Mold (Replacements for Phoenix), Platinum (Pt) Crucible & Mold (Replacements for Vulcan), etc.

Description of Standard Platinum Dish

Manufactured from 99.95% pure platinum, our dishes are also available in the 5%Au-Pt alloy. Dishes with semi-round and round bases are available in standard or reinforced shapes. We also supply evaporation dishes for flour, milk, water, and fertilizer analyses.



Specification of Standard Platinum Dish

Size: 20ml-500ml or customized
Material: Platinum (Pt), PtAu5 (95% Pt and 5% Au), PtIr5 (95% Pt and 5% Ir), PtRh5 (95% Pt and 5% Rh)
Purity: Pt ≥ 99.95%, Ir ≥ 99.99%, Rh ≥ 99.99%

All weights are in grams and all dimensions are in millimeters.

Capacity, ml Top Diameter, mm Height, mm Weight,g
20 50 18 16
25 50 18.5 17
30 50 19 18
35 50 20 19
40 50 34 20
50 60 28 40
60 60 30 45
75-80 65 30-35 45-50
90 70 35 50
100 75 36 60
150 80 38 70
200 90 45 90
250 92 56 110
Silver beaker Diameter, mm Height, mm Weight,g
250ml 66 82 200-250

standard dish


Packaging of Standard Platinum Dish

Our standard platinum dishes are clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

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