CY2085 Palladium On barium Sulfate Catalyst CAS 7440-05-3

Catalog No. CY2085
CAS Number 7440-05-3
Density 12.02 g/cm3
Appearance Black Powder
Molecular Weight 106.42

SAM is a global manufacturer of precious metal catalysts. We offer high-quality palladium on barium sulfate. With our rich experience and knowledge in the chemical industry, you can be confident in making SAM your first choice.

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Description of Palladium On barium Sulfate Catalyst

Palladium on Barium Sulfate is a heterogeneous palladium hydrogenation catalyst available with 5-10% Pd basis in both reduced and unreduced forms for the Rosenmund reduction process and other chemical reactions.

Specifications of Palladium On barium Sulfate Catalyst

Molecular Weight 106.42
Appearance Black Powder
Melting Point 1554 °C
Boiling Point 2963 °C
Density 12.02 g/cm3
Electrical Resistivity 105.4 nΩ ·m (20 °C)
Electronegativity 2.2 Paulings
Heat of Vaporization 362 kJ ·mol-1
Specific Heat 0.244 J ·g-1 ·mol-1(25 °C)
Thermal Conductivity 71.8 W ·m-1 ·K-1


Application of Palladium On barium Sulfate Catalyst

Usually supported on BaSO4, or an appropriate form of carbon, and useful catalyst for hydrogenations.



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