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ZN1223 Zinc / Aluminum Wire (Zn/Al Wire) Maximize

ZN1223 Zinc / Aluminum Wire (Zn/Al Wire)

Catalog No.ZN1223
SizeDia. 2 - 10mm
MaterialZn/Al 95/5, ZnAl 90/10, ZnAl 85/15, ZnAl 50/50

High Quality Zinc / Aluminum Wire (Zn/Al Wire)
Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provides a wide range of zinc aluminum alloy wire in different composites and sizes with competitive price. Customized products are also available.
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Zinc aluminum alloy (Zinc/Aluminum, Zn/Al) is often used as protective coating in steel or iron parts. Compared with the zinc wire and pure aluminum wire, zinc/alumina coating has better coherence, resistance to wear and corrosion resistivity. So it is an ideal anticorrosion material to sea water.

zinc/aluminium wire

Specifications of our Zinc/Alumina Wire (only for Zn/Al 85/15):

Zn %84-86
Al %14-16
Pb %≤0.005
Cd %≤0.005
Cu %≤0.01
Sn %≤0.001
Fe %≤0.05
Si %≤0.12

Surface: Smooth, No burrs


Zinc Aluminum alloy wire is widely applied to thermal spraying anticorrosion, container, bridge, head frame, storage tank, electric iron tower, poles and towers, capacitor, metal bracket, nodular cast iron pipe, traffic equipment, etc.


Packing: 50kg/Drum or as required
Our zinc/aluminum wire is clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

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