ZN2277 Zinc Oxide Wafers Substrates

Catalog No. ZN2277
Material ZnO
Crystal Structure Hexagonal
Refractive Index 2.0681/2.0510

SAM provides Zinc Oxide Wafer Substrates with a size of 10 x 10 x 0.5 mm, we always choose prime grade and defect-free wafer as a substrate for growing high uniformity thermal oxide layer to meet your specific requirements. 

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Description of Zinc Oxide Wafers Substrates

With an ideal crystal structure, the ZnO Wafer Substrate (Zinc Oxide ) has a 2% lattice mismatch to GaN, which is much less than the lattice mismatch of the sapphire wafer and SiC wafer. ZnO wafer substrate is one of the most suitable substrates for use as GaN epitaxial growth and wide bandgap semiconductor application. ZnO wafer substrate is supplied in a square shape, undoped, size 10 x 10 x 0.5 mm, double sides polished surface finish and <0001> oriented, our high-quality ZnO wafer substrate has been widely used for the growth of nitride-based devices. 



Specifications of Zinc Oxide Wafers Substrates

Chemical formula


Crystal structure


Lattice constant

3.3 A

Lattice mismatch with GaN in <0001> plane


Thermal conductivity

0.006 cal / cm /K

Refractive index

2.0681 / 2.0510

Identified polished face



Applications of Zinc Oxide Wafers Substrates

- Semiconductor circuit substrate
- ZnO film


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