ZC0533 Zirconia Rod, Zirconia Tube

Catalog No. ZC0533
Color White
Size Customized
Material Zirconia, ZrO2 Ceramic
Form Zirconia Ceramic Tube, Zirconia Ceramic Rod

Zirconia Rod and Zirconia Tube of high quality can be bought at Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM). As a leading supplier of zirconia products across the world, SAM provides customers with high-quality zirconia products in a variety of forms, including ZrO2 Ceramic Tubes and Rods.

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Zirconia Rod & Zirconia Tube Description

Zirconia Rods and Zirconia Tubes of high quality are available at Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM). ZrO2 Ceramic Tubes and Rods have the advantages of super hardness, high wear-resisting, good corrosion resistance, high-temperature tolerance, high strength, high mechanical strength, good chemical stability, polishing surface, and so on.

Zirconia Rod and Zirconia Tube are made of ZrO2 ceramics. Zirconia is an extremely refractory material. It possesses excellent chemical inertness and corrosion resistance at temperatures up to 2200℃, well above the melting point of alumina. Zirconia is stabilized in the cubic crystal structure to avoid cracking and mechanical weakening during heating and cooling.

Zirconia Rod & Zirconia Tube Features

1. Use temperatures up to 2400℃
2. High density
3. High hardness
4. Low thermal conductivity
5. Chemical inertness
6. Resistance to molten metals
7. Good Wear resistance
8. High fracture toughness

Zirconia Rod & Zirconia Tube Specifications

Zirconia Ceramic Properties
Item Unit Typical Values
Physical Properties
Color   Customized
Density g/cm3 6.00
Zirconia Content % 94.4
Gas Permeability   0
Water Absorption   0
Crystal Size um 0.5
Mechanical Properties
Rockwell Hardness(45N) R45N 78
Modulus of Elasticity (20°C) Gpa >200
Compressive Strength (20°C)  Mpa 2000 
Flexural Strength (20°C)   Mpa 800
Thermal Properties
Thermal Expansion Coefficient  10-6/°C 9.6 
Thermal Shock Resistance T°C 250
Thermal Conductivity (20°C-400°C) W/m.K 2.5

Zirconia Rod & Zirconia Tube Applications

Zirconia ceramic rods and tubes have diverse applications. They are used in dental implants, aerospace components, electronics, thermal barrier coatings, semiconductor processing, biomedical instruments, chemical processing, wear-resistant components, and laboratory equipment. They also find use in optical applications. With properties like high strength, biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, and thermal stability, they provide versatile solutions across industries.

Zirconia Rod & Zirconia Tube Packaging

SAM's Zirconia Rod and Zirconia Tube products are carefully handled to prevent damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.



sc/1655429899-normal-Ferro-Zirconium (Fe-Zr) Master Alloy.jpg

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