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Aluminum Nitride

Aluminum Nitride

Aluminum nitride, AlN, is a light grey or white ceramic material which has a density of 3.26g/cm3. Surface oxidization happened in air even for room temperature, however, the aluminum oxide layer can protect the material up to 1370 C. Compared with aluminum, which is the traditional technical ceramic material, aluminum nitride has better thermal conductivity and even higher hardness. AlN was first synthesized in 1877, but it was not until the middle of the 1980s that its potential for application in microelectronics was realized. Due to its high thermal conductivity and great electrical insulation, aluminum nitride was used in microelectronic industries. Metallization methods are available to allow aluminum nitride to be used in electronics applications similar to those of alumina and beryllium oxide.

The hardness of aluminum nitride ceramic is even higher than alumina, the traditional technical ceramic, making it an ideal material for applications that require good wear resistance.

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  • NR0916 Aluminum Nitride Substrates

    Stanford Advanced Materials provides aluminum nitride ceramic substrates with various surface finishing and metalization processes. Aluminum nitride is a great material for subastrates for electronics. Our aluminum nitride ceramic could be used by semiconductor industry and will fulfil most of the requirements.

  • NR0919 Aluminum Nitride Sheets

    Stanford Advanced Materials provides alumina nitride ceramic products with various surface finishing and metalization. Aluminum nitride is a great material for subastrates for electronics. We provide alminum niride sheets in various shapes. Polished sheets are also available.

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