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Niobium Hafnium Alloy

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  • Niobium Hafnium Alloy Ingots

    Niobium-hafnium ingot has high melting point, fine anti-corrosion and workability. It can be made into mill products for pharmacy, semiconductor, aviation, nuclear, etc.

  • Niobium Hafnium Alloy Foil

    Our high-quality niobium-hafnium foil is used in chemical anti-corrosion, capacitors, optical target materials, superconductors, medical treatment, refrigeration, etc.

  • Niobium Hafnium Alloy Sheets / Boards

    Niobium-hafnium sheet & board work fine under corrosion condition & high temperature. It can be used in chemical industry, electroplate, medical treatment, aviation, etc.

  • Niobium Hafnium Alloy Tubes / Pipes

    Niobium-hafnium tube & pipe are in gray metal color with high strength & conductivity. they are used in steel, ceramics, electronics, nuclear energy & superconductors.

  • Niobium Hafnium Alloy Rods / Bars

    Niobium-hafnium rod & bar are made from niobium powder by forging and polishing. they are used in steel, metallurgy, atomic energy, superconductors, medical equipment, etc.

  • Niobium Hafnium Alloy Wire

    Our high-quality niobium-hafnium wire is used in chemistry, electronics, aviation, high pressure sodium lamp, reaction container, heat exchanger & sleeve materials.

  • Niobium Hafnium Alloy Targets / Discs

    Our high-quality niobium-hafnium target is used in chemicals, ships, liquid crystal display (LCD) and conductive coating industry, etc. We can customize it for your needs.

  • Niobium Hafnium Alloy Crucibles / Cups

    Our high-quality niobium-hafnium crucible is used in metallurgical industry, chemical industry, machinery processing, glass and ceramic industries. Price competitive!

  • Niobium Hafnium Alloy Lumps

    Niobium-hafnium lump is fine thermal resistant and anti-corrosive, used as alloy additives, superconducting materials and the raw material for electronic beam melting.

Products by page

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