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Bismuth Compound

Bismuth is a silvery white brittle metal. Bismuth is the most diamagnetic of all metals and, with the exception of mercury, its thermal conductivity is lower than any other metal.

Bismuth has a high electrical resistance, and has the highest Hall Effect of any metal (i.e., greatest increase in electrical resistance when placed in a magnetic field). Some binary bismuth compounds include halogens, oxygen, hydrogen, and some other compounds of bismuth.

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) supplies various Bismuth Compound including Bismuth (III) Sulfide Powder (Bi2S3 Powder), Bismuth Trioxide Powder (Bi2O3 Powder),Bismuth (III) Selenide Powder (Bi2Se3 Powder), etc.

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  • BS1114 Bismuth (III) Sulfide Powder (Bi2S3 Powder)

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) has 20 years of experience manufacturing and supplying ultra-high purity Bismuth (III) Sulfide Powder. Various forms, including particle and sputtering target, are available. Related products: Bismuth Metal, Bismuth Trioxide Powder, Bismuth (III) Selenide Powder

  • OX1113 Bismuth Trioxide Powder (Bi2O3 Powder)

    Bismuth Trioxide Powder sold by Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) has ultra-high purity (up to 99.999%), superior quality and competitive price. Other Bismuth compounds are also available including Bismuth (III) Sulfide Powder, Bismuth (III) Selenide Powder, etc. Related product: Bismuth Metal

  • SE1115 Bismuth (III) Selenide Powder (Bi2Se3 Powder)

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) produces a wide range of bismuth compounds. Bismuth Selenide is one of the important compounds of Bismuth. We provide ultra-high purity and quality Bi2Se3 with competitive prices. Related products: Bismuth Trioxide Powder, Bismuth (III) Sulfide Powder, Bismuth Metal, Selenium Metal

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