LAB1263 (Discontinued) Low Speed Lab Centrifuge

Catalog No. LAB1263
Size 540x460x390 mm
Weight Net: 54 kg
Max. speed 5000r/min
Speed Accuracy ±20 r/min


Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a reliable supplier of low speed lab centrifuge. We also provide high speed large capacity frozen centrifuge at competitive price.

low speed lab centrifuge

Technical Parameters of our low speed centrifuge:

Max Speed 5000 r/min
Max RCF 4390×g
Max Capacity 800 ml
Speed Accuracy ±20 r/min
Time Rang 1-999 min
Power Supply AC 220 V 50 Hz 15A
Noise ≤65 dB
Dimension 540×460×390 mm
Net Weight 54 kg


Rotor options:

Rotor Type Capacity Max Speed (r/min) Max RCF(×g) Dimension of tube (mm)
Swing Rotor 4×50/100 ml 5000 r/min 4390×g Φ38×124
32×10/15 ml 4000 r/min 2810×g Φ16×85-118
8×50/100 ml 4000 r/min 2810×g Φ28×105-115
40/48×5 ml 4000 r/min 3500×g Blood Collection Tube
24/10/15 ml 4000 r/min 2810×g Φ16×85-118
Microplate Rotor 2×2×96 4000 r/min 2300×g Microplate



-Rotor Identification
-Low speed: 4000 r/min
-Programmable: 40 programs can be stored

Packaging & Delivery:

Carton box or wooden box
Within 3~15 days on receipt of payment


LAB1264 High Speed Large Capacity Frozen Centrifuge

LAB1264 (Discontinued) High Speed Large Capacity Frozen Centrifuge


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