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PH1282 Fluorine Containing Defoamer – Fluorine 4050 Maximize

PH1282 Fluorine Containing Defoamer – Fluorine 4050

Catalog No.PH1282
AppearanceColorless transparent liquid
Effective content1.0 %

Fluorine Containing Defoamer for sale
Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) can provide fluorine containing defoamers (Fluorine 4050 and Fluorine 4055) with competitive price.

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A defoamer, or an anti-foaming agent, is a chemical additive that reduces and hinders the formation of foam in industrial process liquids.
Our fluorine containing defoamer is oil-based antifoaming agent. It has good varnish compatibility, resin compatibility, highly efficient foam breaking and foam suppression properties.

fluorine containing defoamer


Oil based defoamer
Fluorine containing antifoaming polymer solution
Diluent: Xylene/Butanone
Storage condition: stored at room temperature, seal it immediately after each use


Our fluorine containing defoamer can be used in:
-varnish system
-self-crosslinking acrylic esters
-two-component polyurethane systems
-acid curing systems


100g: brown PET bottle
25kg, 170kg: iron drum

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