CR2477 (Discontinued) Chromium Alloying Agent

Catalog No. CR2477
Material Cr Content 40%, 60%, 70%,75 %, 80%, 85%
Temperature Range >720 °C
Recovery rate > 98%


Chromium Alloying Agent is widely used in the industry. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a trusted chromium alloying agent supplier. We provide our customers with high-quality alloying agent products at the most affordable price.

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Chromium Alloying Agent Description

Chromium Alloying Agent is any very important alloying agent that is widely used in the industry and our everyday life. For example, it can be used in the field of aluminum and aluminum alloys. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of chromium alloying agent across the world, Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provides customers with super high-quality chromium alloying agent at a very competitive price.

chromium alloying agent

Chromium Alloying Agent Specifications

Cr content

40%, 60%, 70%,75 %, 80%, 85%

Recovery rate

> 98%






Chromium Alloying Agent

-          Aluminum and aluminum alloys.



CR3758 Chromium(II) Chloride (CrCl2) Powder (CAS No. 10049-05-5)

sc/1645756819-normal-CrI3 Crystal.jpg

CY4003 Chromium(III) Iodide Crystal (CrI3 Crystal)

sc/1659686571-normal-Spherical Chromium Powder.jpg

CR4304 Spherical Chromium Powder


CR4356 Spherical Cr3C2 Powder

sc/1667539123-normal-Stainless Steel Powder 15-5PH.jpg

SS4477 Spherical Stainless Steel Powder 15-5PH

sc/1667539653-normal-Spherical Stainless Steel Powder 1.2709.jpg

SS4478 Spherical Stainless Steel Powder 1.2709

sc/1667539912-normal-Spherical Stainless Steel Powder H11.jpg

SS4479 Spherical Stainless Steel Powder H11

sc/1667540284-normal-Spherical Stainless Steel Powder 304L.jpg

SS4480 Spherical Stainless Steel Powder 304L

sc/1667541243-normal-Spherical Stainless Steel Powder 4140.jpg

SS4481 Spherical Stainless Steel Powder 4140


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