FE2479 Iron Alloying Agent

Catalog No. FE2479
Material Fe Content 74-81 %
Temperature Range >700 °C
Recovery rate > 98%

Iron Alloying Agent is a common alloying agent that is widely used in the industries. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a trusted iron alloying agent supplier. We provide our customers with high-quality alloying agents at the most affordable price.

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Iron Alloying Agent Description

Iron alloying agent can adjust the content of iron in different grades of aluminum alloy to replace the intermediate alloy. Besides, iron alloying agent can also lower the melting temperature. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a leading iron alloying agent supplier. We offer our customers high-quality iron alloying agent at the most competitive price.  

Iron Alloying Agent Specifications

Fe content

74-76 %

79-81 %

Recovery rate

> 98%


100 g/piece

500 g/piece

1000 g/piece

1250 g/piece



Iron Alloying Agent Applications

-          Aluminum alloying addition


FE2607 M7 High Speed Tool Steel Round Wire

FE2607 M7 High Speed Tool Steel Round Wire

sc/1615278450-normal-Iron(III) acetylacetonate.jpg

FE3163 Iron(III) Acetylacetonate (CAS: 14024-18-1)

sc/1618473283-normal-Carbonyl Iron Powder (CIP).jpg

FE3276 Carbonyl Iron Powder (CIP)

sc/1620456840-normal-Superfine Phosphorus Iron Powder Fe-P.jpg

FE3360 Superfine Phosphorus Iron Powder Fe-P

sc/1620458494-normal-Iron Titanium Powder Fe-Ti.jpg

FE3361 Iron Titanium Powder Fe-Ti

sc/1620459276-normal-Micaceous Iron Oxide Fe2O3.jpg

FE3361 Micaceous Iron Oxide Fe2O3


FE3425 High Silicon Cast Iron Anodes


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