GE1851 Germanium Wafer (Ge Wafer)

Catalog No. GE1851
Molecular Formula Ge
Purity 99.9%
Density 5.323g/cm3
Crystal Structure Cubic
Conductive Type Thermal conductivity:59.9
Diameter Lattice parameter:a=0.565754

Germanium Wafer is made up of a thin slice of silicon that can be altered to make it work in different ways for various types of electronics. We produce Germanium Wafers with the highest possible density.

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Description of Germanium Wafer

Germanium is a grayish-white metal, shiny, hard, belonging to the carbon family, chemical properties similar to the same family of tin and silicon. Ge is insoluble in water, hydrochloric acid, dilute caustic solution, soluble in aqua regia, concentrated nitric acid, or sulfuric acid. It has two sexes, so it is soluble in molten alkali, peroxide-based, alkali metal nitrate, or carbonate, which is stable in the air. Ge is an appealing semiconductor that has many unique properties. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) produces Germanium Wafers with the highest possible density.



Specifications of Germanium Wafer (Ge wafer)

Growth method


Wafer shape

Round(DIA:2”,3”,4”,6” up to 300mm)

Surface orientation




Etch Pitch Density(cm2)



175±25(or as required)

TTV[P/P]( μm)




Single Crystal Germanium Wafer Capability

Conductivity Dopant Resistivity
( ohm-cm )
Wafer Size
NA Undoped >= 30 Up to 4 inch
N-type Sb 0.001 ~ 30 Up to 4 inch
P-type Ga 0.001 ~ 30 Up to 4 inch


Applications of Germanium Wafer

Germanium Wafer can be used as:

* Semiconductor device;
* Microelectronics;
* Sensor;
* Solar cell;
* IR optics;
* A ground concentrating photovoltaic power station (CPV);
* Space solar panels;
* Ultra-high brightness LED substrate materials.


sc/1610604454-normal-Germanium Oxide Powder.jpg

GE2965 Germanium Oxide Powder (CAS: 1310-53-8)

sc/1610605679-normal-Germanium(II) Bromide.jpg

GE2966 Germanium(II) Bromide (CAS: 24415-00-7)

sc/1610606636-normal-Germanium(II) Chloride.jpg

GE2967 Germanium(II) Chloride (CAS: 10060-11-4)

sc/1610607594-normal-Germanium(IV) Bromide.jpg

GE2968 Germanium(IV) Bromide (CAS: 13450-92-5)

sc/1610608352-normal-Germanium(IV) Chloride.jpg

GE2969 Germanium(IV) Chloride (CAS: 10038-98-9)

sc/1610609972-normal-Germanium(IV) Fluoride.jpg

GE2970 Germanium(IV) Fluoride (CAS: 7783-58-6)

sc/1610610310-normal-Sodium Metagermanate.jpg

GE2971 Sodium Metagermanate (CAS: 12025-19-3)


GE2972 Vanadium Germanide (CAS: 12025-41-4)


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