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CY1071 Germanium Crystal Sheet (Ge Crystal Sheet) Maximize

CY1071 Germanium Crystal Sheet (Ge Crystal Sheet)

Catalog No.CY1071
CAS Number10038-98-9
Purity> 99.9999%
Crystal StructureSingle Crystal & Polycrystalline
Conductive TypeN-type

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) produces high quality germanium crystal sheet with theoretical transmittance and homogeneity of refractive index. Blanks, windows, lenses and prisms are all available with a diameter up to 300 mm for monocrystal and 380 mm for polycrystal. So just provide us your required specification.

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Germanium Crystal Sheet Description

Germanium crystal sheets can be used as windows, lenses, prisms, etc. for infrared detection and imaging systems. Infrared single-crystal germanium is widely used in 2um to 20um infrared optics and laser systems. In addition, single crystal germanium has a good transmittance within the infrared and far-infrared bands.

Germanium single crystal growth 

Germanium single crystal growth

Now the company has a single crystal furnace, with an annual output of 25 tons of germanium single crystal, 5 tons of silicon single crystal. Using advanced equipment at home and abroad, and decades of crystal preparation technology, with its own district in molten germanium ingots as raw materials, production: electronic grade germanium single crystal: resistivity range 0.25 to 50 ohm cm, the resistivity uniformity <15%, crystal to the (111), crystal orientation deviation < Shan'xi, dislocation density, 1000 ~ 3500 / L.
Minority carrier lifetime >150. Germanium single crystal is mainly used in the production of germanium transistor, because the electron and hole transfer rate of germanium is higher than that in high speed switching circuit.

Ge Crystal Sheet


Germanium Crystal Sheet Specifications 

Material description

Processing parameter


> 99.9999%


Ф5-Ф300mm (single crystal)


Crystal structure

single crystal & polycrystalline



Conductive type


Vertical degree


Crystal orientation



0.2 ~ 1mm

Resistivity (provide germanium with lower resistivity according to the customer needs)

5-40 Ohm-cm

Broken edge





diameter:+/- 0.025mm

length and width:+/- 0.05 ~ +/-0.1mm

thickness:+/- 0.025mm

Surface quality

Plain slice: slice

spherical surface:D25 ~ D76

polishing window: according to customers' needs

We also provide tailor-made Infrared germanium windows.

Germanium Crystal Sheet Packaging of SAM 

Our germanium crystal sheet is clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

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