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MW1395 Magnesium – Cerium (Mg-Ce) Master Alloy Maximize

MW1395 Magnesium – Cerium (Mg-Ce) Master Alloy

Catalog No.MW1395
Purity99.9% & 99.99%
Product NameMagnesium (Mg) – Cerium (Ce) Master Alloy/ Mg-Ce Master Alloy

SAM offers high-quality Magnesium – Cerium (Mg-Ce) Master Alloy with different ratios at competitive prices.

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Description of Magnesium Cerium Master Alloy

Stanford Advanced Materials provides high purity Magnesium – Cerium (Mg-Ce) Master Alloy with competitive price.



Specification of Magnesium Cerium Master Alloy



Content of La



20 ~ 70 %



20 ~ 70 %


99.9 or 99.99


Main technical indexes & parameters of high strength and high temperature resistant rare earth modified Mg alloy

Tensile Strength Rm

Yield Strength Rp0.2

Elongation A5

Vickers Hardness

280 - 290 Mpa

140 - 295 Mpa

6 – 10%

67 - 63


Application of Magnesium Cerium Master Alloy

Rare earth (RE) elements have also been successfully alloyed with Mg. The addition of rare-earth (RE) elements can refine grains and weaken anisotropy to improve the ductility of the Mg alloys. In addition, RE elements give rise to a dispersion of thermally stable precipitates with a high melting point (above 620 °C), an improvement over precipitates of the Mg-Zn system which melt at approximately 340°C and thus have poor thermal stability and exhibit tendency for hot tearing.

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